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(A) Your locations may be equipped with any standard surveillance cameras. If you have existing surveillance cameras it can be as simple as plugging them into TouchView Digital Video Host, turning on the power and you are ready to begin viewing.

(B) Video cables are run from the cameras to the Digital Video Host.

(C) The cables are plugged into the back of the Digital Video Host  which is specifically designed to receive and display video on any computer screen.

(A) TouchView can be easily connected to your computer network.

(B) This allows simultaneous multi-user viewing. Virtually an unlimited number of persons can view a single or multiple locations, with each user selecting what they want to view.

Using a PC, laptop or PDA from home or elsewhere, you can log on to the Internet and connect to TouchView with its software by using Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser window. It's just like visiting a webpage.

Months worth of video can be stored on TouchView for playback at your convenience. You can also print these images to a printer or copy the video to a CD, DVD or any other type of media.



TouchView technologies

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